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Tratat De Farmacologie Aurelia Nicoleta Cristea.pdf Berhea

"Where are you going to?" "To the school." "What school?" "That one." "Which one?" "The one where we have lessons." "What are you going to do there?" "Write letters and draw pictures." "What letters will you draw?" "Pictures of dogs and cats." "What do you want to do there?" "To talk to my father." "And what will you do with him?" "I'll talk to him about lots of things and he'll talk to me." "Do you want me to come there with you?" "No, it's OK. but I'd like to bring him here." "Mum, when you go to play the piano, you have to do it in this manner." "Pitchfork, pillula, the father of the family is in good health." "What's the matter, Nectaria?" "She's just scolded me." "I've told her about the lesson." "You've said everything?" "Yes, everything." "And what did she answer?" "She said that she has to write letters." "And she's gone." "Let's go, Feli." "I'll come with you." "The books are in the bottom drawer of the desk." "In the second drawer under the table." "Do you have the pens and pencils there?" "Here are the first pages I wrote for you." "Take the pen and write." "May I put the cap on the jar so that nobody looks into it?" "Thank you." "Leave the cap on." "Thank you, I'm going to work now." "I'll write now." "Good morning, Father." "Feli, what are you doing here?" "Let's go, Nectaria." "What's happened?" "Is everything OK?" "Where's Feli?" "She's coming." "She's in her room." "It was Feli who did it, but you're still a child." "And she's an adult." "My child, to whom are you talking?" "To my mother." "She's the one who has to tell me what to do." "She's not your mother." "She's your mother-in-law." "She's not your mother." "She's your mother-in-law." "She's not your mother." "She's your mother-in-law." "She's not your mother." "She's your mother-in-law ac619d1d87

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